Let’s get know “Be” !

Have you known be?

Be is the most important thing to create a correct sentences in English. Be as known as To Be but we often called it Be as the simple term. It’s a kind of confirmation to the subject and the words that follow it.

There is some kind of Be:

  • Am, is used by 1st singular person (e.g. “I”)
  • Are, is used by plural subject as we know as We and They. But it also used by 2nd singular person that is You.
  • And the last one is, Is, it used by 3rd singular person as He, She, It.

Be also has Simple past tense form:

Was has the same function as is as well the differrence is was is the past form of is. Was is used by I, He, She, and it.

And the second one is were, it has the same function as are as well. Were commonly used by plural subject as I, You, We, and They.

Well after we know about be, can you guys understand what be is?

If you can, tell me by fill the comment box below. Don’t forget to make some sentences using be, and make sure that you’re sentences absolutely in right form. Just do as the same as the formula below

Subject+ to be + object + complement

We will discuss about  be later on. There is no right sentences without be as well. Happy learning kids^^

source : http://www.sekolahbahasainggris.com


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