“Are” you ready to continue the lesson?

“Are you ready?”

The sentence above including asking for information using be. The introgative sentence above is kind of short question with yes/no anwers.

To create an introgative sentence using be we must follow the formula below:

Be + Subject + Complement

For example :

“Are you an English student?”

After we make sentence, then how we answer that? We just have to swap the formula above, put the subject before the be instead. So we have to answer “Yes, I am.” for the positive response. and how about the negative response? We just have to answer “No, I’m not.”

There is some kind of introgative sentence using be, including;

  • Asking questions using where + be

Where is used to ask for information about places.where is come in front of be. The formula is :

Where + Be + Complement

For example :

“Where is the book?”

  • Asking qusetions using what + be 

What is used to ask information about things. what is come in front of be as generally. the formula is :

What + Be + Complement

For example :

“What is that thing?”

  • Asking questions using who + be

Who is used  to ask information about people. it has the same rule as where and what, remember use is if it followed by singular word and use are if it followed by plural word. the formula is :

Who + Be + Complement

So it’s our lesson for today. don’t forget to do some exercise to increas your knowledge abour questions word + be. hope y’all enjoy it. Give me some critics and advice below then. See y’all on my next post^^

Source : Basic English Gammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar Stacy A. Hagen




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