What is “Simple Present Tense ?

Before we start to discuss about simple present tense, have you heard it before?

Absolutely if a not yet answer you got so i’ll explain you what simple present tense is.

Simple present tense is a tense that is used to describe habits and every habitual activity. The form of the simple present is :

S + V1 + S/ES + C

After we know how the form is, we should know the verb in simple present tense. if we had 1st adn 2nd person even if it’s singular or plural we just let the verb the way they are should be. If we had the 3rd singular person (as he, she, and it) we must add S after the verb if it has a consonant final. And ES after the verb if it has a vowel final.

For example :

  • I go to school every morning.
  • Gendis speaks english every day.

We have some frequency adverb in simple present tense, those are including always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, rarely, and never.

How we do negative in simple present tense?

So there is a negative sentences in simple present tense. How is the form of the negative of simple present tense?

In negative sentences what must we do is to put do not after the subject. The do not is just valid for the 1st and the 2nd singular&plural person. So how about the 3rd singular person? We must put does not after the subject just the way do not for the 1st and nd singular&plural person.

Notice : We must not add the final-s to the verb in the 3rd singular person subject as in the positive sentences before.

For example :

  • We do not use english language in home.
  • Gendis does not use english language in home.

How about the questions sentence in simple present tense?

“Do you understand the lesson, so far?”

The sentence above is explain how the questions sentence form in simple present tense. Can you guys guess how the formula is?

I’ll show you how the formula form is. Here you go :

Do/Does + S + Main verb

We use do in the questions sentence with the 1st and the 2nd singular&plural person. Then we use does if it has the 3rd singular verb as the subject instead. For your remember we musn’t add final-s to the verb after the 3rd singular subject as in negative form of simple present tense.

Now you’re guys know what is, how is the form, and some kind of questions sentence in simple present tense. Do you guys understand what i’ve tell you about just now? Don’t forget to find other reference in simple present tense to makes your knowledge about it completely. Happy reading&leraning. Enjoy it, until next time stay learning!!^^

Source : Basic English Gammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar Stacy A. Hagen


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