“I have the new lesson for you”

Do you have some question before we beginning the lesson?

As the sentence i wrote above, we will discuss about how to using have, has, and had in English. Do you know what is the function of them words? Have, has, and had are used as a verb that posess to something. The 3 of them have a different way to use. First we have have.

Have is used by simple present tense and always used by the 1st singular person, 2nd singular person, and the 3rd plural person as we know already such as I, You, We, They.

For example :

  • I have a good grade in English course.

And the second one we have has. How about has? Is it have the same way like have? Actually they’re all the same, they express posess to something. The differences is has just used by the 3rd singular person like He, She, and It. Well, they both are used in simple present tense. If you still don’t even get what’s simple present tense, check out my post about it here https://gendiswidie10.wordpress.com/2017/02/27/what-is-simple-present-tense/

For example :

  • He has a lot of money, his family are rich.

The last one is has a different treatment than the rests, had is use in simple past tenses and it’s valid to all subject even though they are the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd singular and plural  person.

For example :

  • I had a lot of friend when i was young.
  • She had a long hair last year.

But for your information, have, has and had have 2nd function as an auxiliary verb. Auxiliary verb also known as helping verb, it’s used to show “already” words to something or some activities. It is used in simple perfect tense.

Every each of them have their own formula, here they are :

S + Have/Has + Verb 3 + Object  (Present Perfect tense)

For example :

  • She has studied English twice a day.

    S + Have/Has + Been + Verb + Ing (Present Perfect Continuous tense)

For example :

  • I have been studying in Hardvard University since last year.

 S + Had + Verb 3 + Object (Past Perfect tense)

  • They had bought new house

So, that’s all for today. I hope y’all enjoy my post, don’t ever forget to learn about something new. Hit the like thumbs up to apreciatte me, and until next time stay learn^^

Source : http://aspiandi.blogspot.co.id/2012/05/have-has-dan-had.html


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